Meanwhile in the other search engines

It’s now been three weeks since I’ve started the Rhinalnesc challenge and it’s true that so far I’ve only concentrated my efforts on Google. To be honest it’s the main Search Engine in the UK so it makes sense to start with that one. However, my initial challenge was to “index my site for the query “rhinalnesc” in as many search engines as possible”.

Comparing week 2 and week 3

So for the seven other search engines I had my eyes on, I’ve been taking screenshots of the result pages at week 2 (14th March) and then at week 3 (21st March) of the challenge. Highlighted in orange below is where this site is listed in the SERPs.

Ask Banner

Ask Week 2 vs Week 3

It seems that ask is completely in love with my content and has put my site everywhere on the result page on both weeks!

Baidu Banner

Baidu Week 2 vs Week 3

This is the most surprising result for me. I’ve always been told that you needed your site to be hosted in China to be able to rank in Baidu. So that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ll need to learn more about this Search Engine in the future.

Bing Banner

Bing Week 2 vs Week 3

Bing likes my content too and has put me at the top of the result page on both weeks

Duckduckgo Banner

Duckduckgo Week 2 vs Week 3

I’m facing a harsh competition on Duckduckgo and I’ve not been able to rank at the top of this SERP. Instead one of the spam Horsforth Restaurant Guide content is ranking above me!

Qwant Banner

Qwant Week 2 vs Week 3

Must be because I’m French they’ve put me at the top on both weeks!


Yahoo Week 2 vs Week 3

And another success with Yahoo!

Yandex Banner

Yandex Week 2 vs Week 3

I think I might have to write a bit of Russian content to get indexed in there…

What next?

If only Google could love my content the same way these other search engines do, with the exception of Yandex! So I need to try a few more tricks and see if I can now rank #1 on Google.

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