Horsforth Restaurant Guide Spam Alert!

Whilst doing an experiment on nonsensical words (see the rhinalnesc challenge), I discovered some very strange entries in Google. It seems that some spammers have decided to fill Search Engines with rubbish content on queries like “horsforth restaurant guide”:

Horsforth Restaurant Guide Google SERP

Weirdly all these sites have the same domain name structure:

  • sean-challenge.com
  • danny-challenge.com
  • mark-challenge.com

They are pretty common names so the list could be endless. Wonder what could be coming next? Maybe gary-challenge.com or dave-challenge.com? They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all. However, when checking the content I realised something more was at play.

For example the Sean version is actually using my name! I must say the content is quite funny but I wouldn’t try booking a table at this fake African restaurant.


For the Danny version, this Horsforth restaurant is Greek! Again there is no doubt everything is fake. I’m afraid you’ll only get served dust from the appetising menu.danny-challenge


I’m getting really confused now but rest assured the Mark version tells us that it’s neither African or Greek, it’s a service – maybe a website but no links pointing at it – listing restaurants in Horsforth



By the way, if you don’t know where Horsforth is, please take a look at this map:

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