Google rankings from week 1 to 5

Following my post about the indexation issue in Google and the robots.txt message, there’s been some development in the SERP since. So below are the rankings for the query Rhinalnesc recorded every week on a Monday since the challenge began on 29th February

Week one – Rankings – Monday 7th March – Day 8

The site is ranking #3 with a robots.txt message:

A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – Learn more.

google SERP week 1

Week two – Rankings – Monday 14th March – Day 15

The site is now ranking #2 and #3. Having two pages in the SERP can be an advantage as the site owns more “real estate”. However, I wouldn’t have expected to see my blog page ranking for the keyword.

google SERP week 2

Week three – Rankings – Monday 21st March – Day 22

The site slipped up a bit and is now ranking #3 and #4. Have you noticed the difference in the titles? On week two, one of the titles is truncated whilst on week three the full length of both titles is being showed. This is a bit surprising to be honest. In google title length are now measured in pixels and there is a limit of 512 pixels according to Screaming Frog. So on that day the limit was clearly not respected!

google SERP week 3

Week four – Rankings – Monday 28th March – Day 29

The site is ranking #1 and #2. This time the blog page has overtaken the preferred landing page rhinalnesc. A bit disapointing but I’m not complaining, I’m finally at the top of Google!

google SERP week 4

Week five – Rankings – Monday 4th April – Day 36

The site is still at the top with two entries ranking #1 and #2. Note that some changes were made on both titles to see if I could get the preferred landing page to rank above the blog page.

google SERP rankings for Rhinalnesc week 5

And there was also the added bonus of seeing the site’s images ranking in the general SERP at the bottom of page one. Another proof that Google now understands my site for the keyword.

google Images SERP week 5


It’s been an uphill struggle to get the site ranking number one against spammy sites but I’ve finally managed after a month! I’m sure if I hadn’t had that indexation issue, the site would have been at the top all this time.

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